16 March 2010

Spring Time Ritual!!

I have to admit that after being bombarded with different TV chefs emphasizing the importance of home grown food....I decided to give it a go!

The thought of putting my hands in mud crawling with ants and spiders (eek!) made me freak out. Going to my local store which I'd hope is insect free is MUCH easier. However... after umming and arring i gave it a go...AND....it's actually really fun and exciting. There is a spectacular feeling you get when you watch your little seedlings sprout into life and grow immensely each day.

I've decided to grow runner beans, leeks, carrots and courgettes as these are used often at home.

About a week ago I planted all but courgettes as they need to be sown in April. I dropped 2-3 seeds in each pot, watered them and left them near a window. A day or so after sowing the runner beans this little shoot shot up out of nowhere!

Not so long afterwards they were looking almost ready to go outside...

Since then i've been putting them out in the lovely march sunshine during the day and bringing them in again at night to avoid the cold.

Although it is still early days I have enjoyed watching all my vegetables grow...so much so that it's going to be a spring time ritual from now on!!!

Updates coming soon on their growth.... : )


  1. Well done! There is nothing like eating your own vegetables, they do taste so different!

  2. I feel the same way about growing our own food. Plus, it's so much healthier, with no added pesticides, if you so choose. Yes, it IS so exciting to see little plants sprout from the seeds you plant.

    I have a second blog--a gardening blog--if you would like to stop by:


    I'm not at all an expert, but would love to have you visit. I look forward to seeing how your garden will turn out (smile). (P.S. I live in Canada.)


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