30 March 2010

The windy city

Today has been a really WET day! When it is wet and windy I don't really like going out or even looking out the window. It is so gloomy and grey...I would much rather see sunshine and blue sky. Does the weather get any of you feeling a bit 'down'? It happens to me! Gloomy weather = Gloomy Gemma lol...Anyway something caught my eye out the window and I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and taking a quick snap of this....

Isn't he lovely! I think he's posing for the camera : )...Robins are such beautiful and confident birds .

Unfortunatley he flew away quite quickly as the rain got a bit too much! Inspired by Mr.Robins beauty I took a few more pictures some spring time flowers...

There is something about flowers that instantly uplifts my mood!
To cheer myself up a bit more I indulged in a bit of yummy chocolate cake

Hope your week is going well...Until next time :)

Gemma X

P.S - Thank you for your lovely comments in the previous posts! I've tried to comment back but for some reason it doesn't let me : ( Hope to continue to hear from you all !


  1. Hmmm! Chocolate cake! Love it!
    And the bird is darling standing
    there on the brick getting a
    bite to eat...so sweet.
    I love all things homemade too.
    Enjoy life to the fullest. It's
    only what you make it!
    In Christ,

  2. Hey all! I'm so sorry but I've had a problem with my comments yesterday! I tried to publish them but it froze and they have now disappeared into cyber space lol.

    Just so you know I'm not being rude : )

    Gemma X

  3. Hi Gemma,I must say that I'm really enjoying your blog.The weather is really getting me down too- constant rain day after day!
    Hope you have a good easter .

  4. How wonderful that you could snap that picture of the robin before he flew away...he looks a bit cheeky to me, lol!

    Your photos are always so pretty. The vase of flowers and the candles make me feel so serene. Just lovely.

  5. Hi Gemma, Love your spring flowers and the robin. I'd really like to have a piece of that cake.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I look forward to more of your thoughts!
    Happy Easter, Donna

  6. That picture of the bird is too sweet! Very impressive that you caught it - I never seem to have mine when i see something like that :(

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