20 April 2010

10 things about me you didn't know

Over the weekend I had a chance to read over the archives of my blog. I realised that I haven't really said much about myself as a person. So here are 10 facts about me (some serious, some silly) that you didn't know!

1. I suffer with a severe allergy to peanuts. I avoid all nuts just incase so you will never see a recipe on here which has nuts as an ingredient!

2. I am the eldest out of my brother and sister. My sister is called Jasmine and my brother is called Alex.

3. I live on the outer skirts of London. I plan to move to the country ASAP! I'm getting tired of this city life...

4. I've been with my boyfriend/partner Ian for 3 years, 3 months and 24 days! We went to the same high school, were friends for a while and somehow we ended up here : ) He is my best friend (apart from my mum)..I want to spend the rest of my life with him!!! This picture was taken last year on our family holiday to Florida!

5. I love both cats and dogs. I could not ever choose between to two..both are great in different ways!

6. I have to admit I also love FOOD! Heehee...I'm not a fussy eater and I can be quite greedy when it comes to eating chocolate, cakes, burgers etc. HOWEVER..I know the limits and I DO eat in moderation.

7.I have a phobia of spiders. I don't really like insects in general but spiders are the worst. We had one on the ceiling of our porch and I refused to walk through incase it landed on me LOL...silly aren't I?!

8. I am an indoorsy kinda girl. I like picnics, bbq's, sunbathing on the grass, gardening etc...BUT...I love being indoors/at home. It's probably a comfort thing! Lets just say if I was offered a holiday where we'd do camping or stay in a hotel I would definately opt for the hotel...ANY DAY!

9. I would say i'm mostly girly but I do have some form of male streak. I like watching action/war movies. I don't mind watching a football match everynow and then. I play computer games more than I should. You see what I mean!

10.Although i'm loving the sunshine and heat of spring/summer...I sneakily prefer autumn/winter! There is something so cosy about coming in to a warm house and having cups of tea, listening to christmas music whilst admiring some beautiful decorations. I can't wait to blog during that season..I have so many idea's for you guys. So many recipes and so many new gems to add to my folksy/etsy!

Hope you enjoyed 10 things about me! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Gemma X


  1. nice post! its good to know a few things about you! heres one about me:

    I CRAVE the sun! all the time, i wish it was summer always. i think its to do with that toasty feeling you get when you lay in the sun. I cant get enough of it. :)

  2. It's always nice to get to know people a bit more. I can imagine you as more of a country girl than a city one.

  3. Thanks for sharing about yourself.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I've been wondering if you are having any of that ash in the air from the Iceland volcano?

  4. Wow, sounds like we have a lot in common. I've got a brother and sister too though I'm in the middle. I met my husband (I'm still not used to calling him that) at school and we were friends for years before we got together. I love animals too though am definitely a dog person. I adore food though I'm more of a savoury girl. I love winter too though by the end of it I'm always hanging for summer and when you live in Australia you have to like it hot (really hot!). You also need to be a bit outdoorsy and not too scared of spiders, snakes and insects cause they tend to be everywhere - especially if you live near the bush like we do! Though we also get lots of kangaroos, echidnas, ring-tailed possums, wallabies and cute stuff like that.

  5. Nice to get to know you :) Like the soup recipe. Did you see the recipe for Snickerdoodle cookies on my blog?
    You may also like to see the photo of the surrounding countryside (on blog too) where I live to inspire your move to the country! Best of luck with that - I hope you find your dream spot. x


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