26 April 2010

A beautiful church

Yesterday we spent the day at my grandparents. We went for a lovely long walk around their church. The church originally stood in the West end of London in 1847. The threat of demolition meant that it had to be taken down and moved brick by brick to its new location in North-West London. It was placed next to the redundant Old Church of St Andrew which predates to roughly the Norman Conquest...A lot of history right there!

The old church

Side view of the new church

The front of the new church

It is one of the most beautiful churches I have seen...it looks like it should be in the countryside (I wish!). Both my mum and dad were christened there. 

After the walk by the church we continued our walk to the Welsh Harp. It's a lovely reservoir..very quiet..lots of trees, wildlife and grass! At this point I had a MASSIVE headache! One of those ones where you move ever so slightly and it's like you were just hit over the head : (. Thankfully after a drink of water and 10 minutes of peace and quiet it disappeared.

To end the day nicely we had a yummy Sunday Roast at my Grandparents house...I think I ate way too much and ended up feeling so full..it almost felt like Christmas day lol. All in all I think it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday. Relaxing with family, going for long walks in forests/fields and eating great food : )

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Gemma X


  1. aahhh how nice! that sounds like the most perfect sunday! all you need is family and food! :)

  2. What a lovely day you had.
    I cant imagine a church being moved brick by brick from one place to another. It is in a beautiful setting.

  3. Beautiful church, I love old graveyards too, Di x

  4. i really need to come to england. that is a beautiful church...i had a nice roast dinner last night too. i was stuffed...

  5. That church is stunning! We do not have any churches like this where I live...very sad. They are all very modern looking around here and do not have that type of character. Amazing that it was moved brick by brick - well worth it in my opinion.


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