16 April 2010

A Fresh Start

Happy Friday to you all,

Yesterday was my last day at work...yipee! I had an unexpected feeling of sadness here and there. I think it was saying goodbye to people ...which I really HATE!
(to the ones which were nice anyway). Do any of you hate saying goodbye? It's worse when you know your not going to see these people again. I mean I'll get over it but they were a part of my life for half a year. One suprising moment was when the manager approached me with a bunch of these...

Aren't they unusual? I think the blue and green one have been dyed in something or other. I really didn't expect these but it was nice to finally feel appreciated there. He said to me "I understand why you are leaving....you will be missed".

It was difficult but I knew it was/is the best for me. The tell tale signs were that I didn't shed one tear and I didn't get that lump in my throat...I thought "I'm okay with this!".

So now I can move on and start a fresh. Find something that suits me and will make me happy. I've begun to add some of my homemade items to Folksy and Etsy and have had a sale or two so this has made me happy :D. I'm taking it one day at a time as I don't want to get my hopes up about it. The real fun starts tonight...It is my boyfriends birthday so we are having a bbq/bonfire at his house with a few friends...something to look forward to!

Something else to look forward to is a new post on this blog about soup. Every Saturday for a month I will be hosting "Soup Saturday" where I will show you my favourite soups. My sister is such a fussy eater and is constantly complaining about food. She likes soup and this is such a good way of encouraging her to eat vegetables and get the vitamins she needs. I hope you all can join me tomorrow for the first recipe..Leek & Potato!

See you all tomorrow..Happy Friday!


  1. i'm glad things went well for you on your last day. it can be hard but the best is yet to come. now you will have time to create the artwork for your etsy shop and that will give you satisfaction and confidence to continue.

    i think soup saturday sounds great. i can't wait to see some of your recipes. i love soup!!

    hugs, cindy

  2. Hi Gem! I'm so happy that you feel content in moving on to the next phase in your life. Mmmmm, soup. It's so funny you mention it like this because my brother and sister-in-law have a competition each year titled "Soup Off". I won it last year with my Crab and Tomato Soup. I can't wait to hear about your Potato and Leek soup - such a classic.

  3. Now you can look forward to a new start. There is a plan for your life, I'm convinced.

  4. Good luck to you! I will also be going through this transition later this year. Your items on Etsy are very cute, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you list :D

  5. Good on you for quitting a job you were not happy with. Always move foward! I love your idea of a Soup Saturday! Its Autumn here in Oz so soups and stews are on my mind :)
    Irene x

  6. That was nice of your manager to give you flowers. What a good ending


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