5 April 2010

Greedy Little Chicks

During Easter Sunday, we had quite a relaxed day. Oh my didn't it go fast! After Church we decided to have an easter egg hunt..which is ALWAYS fun.

My mum and I put mini eggs into these adorable pastel coloured eggs. They are great as we can continue to use them over and over during the Easter's to come.We hid them all over the house for my little brother to hunt down : )....Unfortunately the weather wasn't too good so we couldn't do it in the garden but it was still just as good!

After the egg hunt we made some mess by making yummy Easter nests...it went all over the counter lol.

Here are the greedy little chicks...surrounding their chocolate nests! lol...Aren't they sweet? I ended up hiding all of the chicks around the house for everyone to find..such simple games can be so much fun! My grandparents visited later in the day and most definately enjoyed eating the nests as they were all gone by the time they left : )

I hope ya'll had a good Easter! I'm hoping the weather will start to improve soon so that I can start to show you guys plans for a herb planter..more on that soon.

Love Gemma X


  1. Oh Gem, How great your little nests look. I love how you put all the chicks around them. I know they were yummy too!

  2. What fun that was, I bet they all enjoyed the day. You are right, simple pleasures are sometimes the best.

  3. Oh that is so cute, what a wonderful idea, I know you had such fun in creating this, hugs and have a wonderfully blessed day.
    I am enjoying your blod too.
    Hugs, Barbara

  4. Well, the nests look yummy! May
    I ask what they're made of?
    Is it cereal and chocolate?
    Yes, Easter was a wonderfully
    blessed day here, too.
    Enjoying your blog.

  5. Hi all! Thanks for your lovely comments..I get so excited when I see the little message sign on my Blogger Dashboard!!

    Sandy - Yes I used Cornflakes and Chocolate. You can use most cereals like shredded wheat : )

    Thank you my bloggy friends

    Gemma X

  6. Oh, yummy little birds nest! Happy Spring!

  7. Gem, those eggs and chicks look adorable. Thanks for your lovely comments about my entry.

  8. Those looks very yummy! I saw that you sadi they were cornflakes and chocolate...is that it? Just melt the chocolate and stir in the flakes? And I love all of your chicks sitting around. Too cute!

  9. Hey Kelly Jo! Thanks for your lovely comments :D. Yep I just melted the chocolate and mixed in the flakes until they were all covered in chocolate. An hour in the fridge and they were good to go :)


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