22 April 2010

Happy Days

My laptop has been playing up big time today so i've been a bit agitated as you can imagine. I had a nice suprise whilst checking my e-mails today....A pair of my hearts sold on Etsy! Yipee :D I did a little dance around the room to celebrate lol. Thank you for buying something of mine if you are reading this :D Since then I have been feeling extra cheerful...so I decided to take some pictures that might cheer some of you up if you are feeling a bit down..AND since it's Earth day then why not take some pictures of earths delights?...Flowers : )

I love looking at the different colours and shades on one petal! The weather is warming up this weekend so I'm hoping for another BBQ *Crosses fingers*. In my previous post I mentioned i'm not really an outdoorsy kind of girl. However when it comes to a BBQ I cannot resist being outdoors with everyone else enjoying the weather and food!

Just to remind you all that "Soup Saturday" is also happening this weekend so I hope you can join me!!

Gemma X


  1. Hi Gem. Those photos are lovely. Do you have a good camera? I only have a crappy old digital one though now I've started blogging I have my eye on an upgrade.

  2. i love those yellow and white flowers. what are they? i'm not very outdoorsy either, too many bugs, yuk!! cant wait to see what you cook up saturday...

  3. Love your floral pictures! Happy Earth Day!


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