9 April 2010


First of all I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your supportive comments in my previous post. I'm glad to know a lot of you would of done the same thing : )

I feel so cheerful as the weather is beautiful today! The sky is clear and the sun is bright and high.

I sat outside for the first time today this year. What a delight it was! The birds were flying between trees..really BIG bee's have been buzzing around and I even spotted a butterfly fluttering about. It's so nice to feel the warmth against your skin after such a harsh winter we've had here.

Today I wanted to show an update on how my little crops are doing...
First of all this is the Herb Planter I wanted to show you. My dad got this antique enamel tin bath from a house clearance. It is a bit rusty around the edges here and there but I LOVE it. I think the words Rustic / Shabby Chic justify its look heehee. Anyway...I thought it was perfect for a herb planter, just the right size!

I planted Chives..

...and Sweet Basil.

I plan on planting normal Basil, Coriander and possibly some Rosemary but we already have some down the garden so i'm not too sure! Can you guys suggest any other herbs I could use? There is still plenty of room : )

The leeks I spoke about a few weeks back have grown quite a bit! I'm now taking them outside during the day and back in at night.

And finally a little pic of the runner beans...

They've grown quite a bit!

If any of you liked the look of the enamel bath/planter there are quite a few floating around on ebay!

Hope you all have a Happy Friday and a great weekend!!!

Love Gemma X


  1. Hi Gem. Thanks for your question. I originally won the trolley in an eBay auction for $45AUS (which is why I didn't realise the timber was cedar until I collected it). All things considered, it probably cost a total of around $70 fully restored.
    Love your little herb projects.

  2. i would add Tarragon but only the French variety which is highly scented, and also Thyme.
    I love your planter.

  3. I love the planter.Your beans are really coming along!

  4. I adore your planter! I have a few pieces of enamel but I haven't used any of them as planters. Great idea! I am not sure if you have many mosquitoes where you live but I planted lemon verbena last year to help keep them away (it seems to work better than the basil)and it smells wonderful. It is also really good in tea :)


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