23 April 2010

Happy St.Georges Day!

Here in the UK it is St. Georges day...a day to celebrate our nation and what we have acheived. Unfortunately not so many of us are patriotic here. I could be completely wrong but there aren't that many people or public gatherings who seem to celebrate it in any way. I could go to my local shopping centre or high street and find not one flag...not one sign! I feel it is a shame as after all this is our country, we have a lot of history and without it we may not be as better off as we are today. So why not do something fun to show our appreciation?...

Again I could be completely wrong but it seems like a lot of Americans are very patriotic and know how to celebrate, for example 4th of July. I admire the effort that goes into the decoration, parades..the whole celebration! I admire all the effort that goes into marking the occassion. Here in the UK St. Georges day isn't even a public holiday... Shouldn't we have this day off ?

As an effort to celebrate and mark the occassion my family are having a BBQ. The weather is great so why not! My question to all of you is do you do anything to celebrate your nations day? If yes then I'd love to hear how you celebrate it and if you have any family traditions on that particular day...Can't wait to hear from you all!

Gemma X


  1. Well, have you ever been in France for Bastille Day! It is a riot of things happening in celebration and always ends with firework displays.

  2. Well us expats sit quitely thinking of "HOME" on St. George's Day :) I have my Union Jack flying (in the house, of course :)

    My Daughter was born on the 4th of July but in England and she thought for the longest time that the fireworks on the 4th (here in America) were for her, I couldn't burst her bubble. B.Day's should be celebrated in style anyway. :) T.

  3. Great post! The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! Usually a picnic BBQ with church, and dinner with friends while watching fireworks. mmmm and watermelon!


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