28 May 2010

Denham Village Fayre

Here in the UK it is a Bank holiday weekend..we get a long weekend with Monday off *Horah*..and hope for lots of warm sunny weather!

This Bank Holiday Weekend is particularly special as we all go to a beautiful village farye. My mum has been going to this farye every year since she was 4...I've been going since I was born...so it is a REAL big tradition.

All of my mums side of the family attend.

There are lots of different stalls. Plants, cakes, paintings, BBQ's, clothes, ornaments and general bric-a-brac. The farye runs through the quaint village..and at the end of it all is a church hall where lots of lovely older ladies serve up fresh homemade cakes and pies...YUM YUM!

Quiet English pubs are dotted all through the village. Most of the time it's a warm day so we pop into a particular pub for an ice cold coke (Or an ice cold beer if your my dad lol).

There are also tombolas where if you pick up a number that ends in 0 or 5 you win a prize! I once won my grandparents a 3 course meal in a lovely little restaurant along there so it's definitely worth a go : )

I wish I had some pictures of it all but I dont.

I will take loads on Moday to show you ladies!

After the Farye we all go to my mums cousins home for a BBQ/ Family reunion. We only see eachother a few times a year so it is a great opportunity to catch up...such fun!

I hope you can somehow picture it from my description. You'll see some photos soon : )

Have a good one girlies : )

Gemma X


  1. Sounds like a real English tradition. I look forward to the photos.

  2. Sounds like great fun! Hope
    you and yours have a really
    super time and yes, do take
    lots of pictures!!
    Be blessed,

  3. I can't wait to see your pictures.
    I wish I was going with you!!
    Have Fun!!

  4. i love country fairs (fayres, love that spelling!!) what is a tombola? and nothing is better than cakes and pies baked by church ladies, is there?

    i can't wait to see your pictures, it sounds like you had a spectacular time. what a great yearly tradition!!!


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