5 May 2010

A few idea's and favourites I'd like to share..

We all try and make our home feel, look & smell as lovely as possible! My mother and I are constantly looking for things to change and improve our home. By doing this I have three small (but nice) ideas to share. You may do/ use these already but I love them so I still want to share anyway!

Number One:

In any real home (by real I mean "lived in"), there will be thi
ngs on show that you don't necessarily want to be out. A home is somewhere relaxed and cosy. Somewhere where visitors feel like they don't have to be hunched up in case they break something or touch something they shouldn't incase it's "out of place". Although I don't have my own house, I know what it is like to go to someones home where nothing "homely" is on show.
Now to me washing up liquid bottles aren't exactly nice looking. Some of you may put yours in a cupboard until you need to use it but in my home we have it next to the sink as it is used a few times a day. Rather than having the bottle out..why not use a cute soap dispenser or Olive Oil glass dispenser?

It's an in-expensive way of making something else in your home look pretty! It's a simple way of "de-cluttering" the essential clutter in an everyday home. It also looks great when the morning sunshine shines through it : )

Number Two:
Most cooking in our homes smells divine! The smell o
f fresh bread or a home cooked pie is one of the most inviting factors when visitors are around. But...have you ever been to someones home for dinner, left, and found that your clothes have a lingering smell of dinner....not so good. Or..some meals that your cook taste fantastic but the smell just isn't for you? I find that sometimes and this is when we tend to use this candle...

Somehow it covers smells in a not so obvious way. And the cool thing is you can't even see the flame through the covering of the candle..your guests would never know!

Number Three:

I find this a really cool and handy thing to have. Me and Ian decided to buy this so that we could add our favourite recipes (that have been tried and tested) and continue to until the book is bulging with mouth watering dishes!

I added the Bean Soup...it was SO good! You can find it here if you missed it.

Hopefully one d
ay it will be something that is used almost daily and will be past down generation to generation. The book is great as a gift or just for yourselves to enjoy. It's handy as it separates the types of dishes so makes things 100% quicker & easier.

I hope you enjoyed this post : ) Let me know if you have any other cool little ideas for our homes!

See you on Saturday for the last post of "Soup Saturday" ...

Gemma X


  1. On my incredibly long list of things to make is a recipe notebook. Yours is pretty. I was thinking a mini scrapbook album. I like your cute soap pump, but I hate refilling them. I end up making a sudsy mess.

  2. Hey Gemma. I have a recipe book like that. When I moved out of home I wanted a record of all of Mum's great recipes so wrote them all down. Only tried-and-tested stallwarts get to go in the book!

  3. Lovely ideas. I always keep a rose bowl of fresh lavender heads in my sitting room, just for the scent.
    Basil in the kitchen is supposed to keep flies away.
    Good idea to keep a book. I have a 50 year`old one, falling apart now, but I still go to it for my old recipes!

  4. Funny how we don't see the obvious ugly things - off to fancy dress the washing up liquid bottle now!

  5. i think that the recipe book is a great idea. especially being hand written. it will be a wonderful gift to your children someday. and i love the idea of the dishsoap in a clear bottle. really pretty, gemma.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments! I really appreciate the time you take to read my words and even leave a great message :D

    Elizabeth - I never knew Basil keeps the flies away..will definetely have to try that one!

    Gemma X

  7. great tips and especially the glass bottle. i've seen it done before but that is an especially nice one (brand request please)


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