17 May 2010

Garden Update...

Morning all...

I've woken up with a sore throat and a blocked nose...ergh! I hate having a cold in this warm weather...I'd rather have one in the winter when you can snuggle up in bed and drink tea in the cold climates.

Does that sound weird..a preference of when to have a cold? Sorry..it's just the way I am!


The garden has really flourished recently! The combination of rainfall and sunshine has somehow helped the plants to speed up their development.

Here are a few pics..

Mini x-mas tree is growing!

A random plant (that I don't know the name of) which looks kinda cool !

The raspberry plant has grown A LOT! I can't wait to pick some raspberries and make something sweet! Watch this space!

Strawberry plant which is now beginning to flower : )

The runner bean plant is growing by the second also...I love the way it naturally twists itself around the string! Once the runner beans have reached a certain level I will pick to tops off the stop them from growing upwards.

I have to say I am having an ongoing battle with a snail that seems to only come out at night. In the morning I can see its tracks
but cannot find it anywhere...so annoying! It only seems to be effecting the bottom leaves on the runner beans so that's not so bad : )

Anyway I think I need to get some medicine or something...I hate feeling like this : (

Gemma X


  1. hey! nice pics. i cant help but think you have come to my garden when im not looking. :) we have very similar plant/fruit/veg growing. I love watching things grow :)

    hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope you will feel better soon. It is the wrong time of year, indeed!

  3. Maybe you have a slug in your garden. They come out at night and leave a slimy trail.
    You can get rid of them by leaving a jar lid of beer out at night.
    They craw in and drown.
    (maybe they get drunk first? LOL)
    Love your blog and visit on each new post.

  4. Isn't it exciting to see your plants growing!!


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