26 May 2010

A Hidden Gem

A few weeks back we discovered a B.E.A-UTIFUL LOCAL park! There aren't any "decent" parks close by..only ones which have a basic square layout with a climbing frame in the middle (that's why I stressed *local* ).

Most of the time we go further afield... but it's literally a 5 minute drive away so I really don't know why we hadn't gone there before. Possibly because on the outside it just looked like the above description..I don't know.

Anyway we thought why not..give it a go..and i'm sure glad we did...

*They had zip wires and crazy climbing frames*

*A secret garden*

*A pond*

* Beautiful scenery*

It was picture perfect! I really loved the Wisteria..when Ian & I have our own home I definitely want to plant some : )

It was great as it was quiet and pretty....yet it had a great childrens playground. We went there as a whole family and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Hope your all having a good week,

Gemma X

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  1. How pretty. I can't believe you hadn't been there before and it's so close. What an awesome discovery. I love wysteria too though it doesn't grow very well where I am.

  2. Oh, that wisteria1 Beautiful. You did have a fun day.

  3. Wow! We don't have parks like that here. That is stunning!! I can't believe you've never been. What a hidden treasure!


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