10 May 2010

Meet my furry friends..

I have two pets..a cat and a dog. You'd think the dog would bully the cat but I have to say it is the other way around!

My cat Timberlake was the first out of the two. We got him from an Animal Rescue center. Him and his brother were found dumped in a plastic bag as young cats. The staff did all they could to help them recover the traumatic experience but sadly his brother "Justin" didn't make it : ( **The staff named them after the singer!**...It felt like we were making a difference by adopting a cat that didn't have a proper home. If any of you are considering a pet I'd recommend visiting a local rescue center first. Timber (which is what we now call him ) is lovely but is so moody at the same time. He loves to pose for the camera **see pictures** He also acts like a snob..as if he is better than us lol...(Can cats act like snobs? This one does anyway).

My dog Jasper came from a Labrador breeder. We went along to choose a dog..with a female in mind..until she rolled around in her own poo! We decided it wouldn't be a good idea to have a puppy covered in poo in the car until we got home. So instead we chose a male...Jasper. I'm so glad we did! He has such a random personality..very crazy but so friendly at the same time. He doesn't like strangers but is loyal to the family and would protect us! The perfect dog : ) The toys that are his, he tends to destroy eventually **see pictures**.

So yes I felt the need introduce them to you : ) They are a big part of my life so they definitely need to be featured once in a while on my blog right? Do any of you have pets? Prefer cats or dogs? Allergic? All of you must have a view on pets in general and i'd love to hear every one of them!

Gemma X


  1. Hey Gemma. How cute. I've never had a cat though I love animals. Our dog is a real sweetheart. My sister-in-law has a labrador too and she's CRAZY! My mother-in-law has a german shephard and a new kitten and they're already friends.

  2. i have a crazy dog who i have posted about a few times. i like cats but i am allergic. looks like you have a matching set with your dog and cat. love the black and white.

  3. Hey Gem. Thanks for the comment about my desk. I bought it to on-sell and just as well - it couldn't fit through my door! It's photographed in my parent's house. Sold it a little while back now.

  4. Hi Gemma,
    Yeah, I have two adorable cats,
    Chloe and Molly, and a golden
    retriever, Gabe. We found Chloe
    in a tree in our yard early
    one morning and Molly came
    straight from the pet shop.
    Gabe came to us from a breeder.
    All of my pets are just super
    special. I love cats and dogs!
    They are just like my family.
    You can see pictures of all of
    them on my blog.
    By the way, your soups are really
    God's best,
    Sandy =0)

  5. Hi Gemma!

    Love your furry critters! Life would not be the same without our fur~balls! Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting!


  6. I love hearing about your pets. I've got a chihuahua, Molly. Never ever liked Chihuahua's till this little gir 'happened' into our lives

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