13 May 2010

Mouth watering Panini...

Now the weather is beginning to heat up..the evenings are longer and brighter. I don't know about you but when it comes to this time of year all I want to do is be outside! Doing some gardening..sunbathing..drinking and EATING! Al fresco dining is my all time favourite thing to do during the summer. Be it alone or with a group of friends...be it a BBQ, a salad, a sandwich..whatever...I love the relaxed atmosphere! Don't get me wrong..I enjoy a formal meal at the dining table, but everyone is so much more chilled watching the sun go down while the wood in the chiminea is slowly burning. I love hearing the quiet crackle from the flames or the mothering birds in their nests getting their young ones to sleep. To put it into simple words... I love Al fresco dining!

So to share the love I wanted to share a recipe which could be interpreted as quite summery..something that would go down quite nicely with some cold Pimms or a glass of white wine : )

You will need:
  • Panini bread or sliced french stick
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Olive oil
  • Chorizo or your choice of spicy meat.
  • A sandwich/panini toaster or grill.

Slice your Panini in half. If you are using a french stick of bread then slice it. First of all slice and add your tomatoes...

Add the mozzarella..I had difficulty slicing it properly so ended up using chunks..tasted just as good!

Throw on a bit of basil..I got mine from my outdoor planter.

Add your choice of spicy meat and drizzle with good olive oil...yummy yummy yummy!

Toast your panini and serve to your family and friends! This recipe is great for indoor or outdoor eating. However it really reminds me of summer as the ingredients are all so fresh and tangy! Feel free to add extra ingredients like olives etc..whatever takes your fancy

: D

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Gemma X


  1. That looks so good Gemma. It's funny to read your posts because while it's heating up over there it's starting to get a bit colder now in Australia (well, down in Melbourne anyway). I am already hanging for summer!

  2. that looks good, i love a good panini. my favorite is like yours, tomato, fresh mozzarella and pesto. it's only 7:15 am here but that makes me hungry for lunch!!

  3. Looks very yummy! I use a lot of mozzarella especially when our tomatoes are fruiting. Basil, French vinaigrette, it's all you need!


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