3 May 2010

A new project - notice board

We all try to be as organised as possible these days. Whether its for work, at school, at home or just generally we all need to keep on schedule (otherwise we'd turn crazy!). A few months back I saw a post on CherryMenlove.com where she decorated up a cork board. I decided it was a great idea and gave it a go! I was getting tired of the plain beige colour.

Rather than buying a new one I decided to re-vamp my current one. I firstly painted the border a nice girly pink : )
I then used a glue gun to hold down the 4 contrasting pieces of felt. I chose happy colours & shapes so that when i'm fed up of looking at my "To Do" list at least that will make me happy.

They didn't fit on the cork board perfectly so they had to overlap slightly.

Luckily the overlapped areas were to be covered up with gorgeous ribbon! Again I used a glue gun to hold it all down properly : )

And hoorah...a beautiful and cheerful notice board! You can separate the different types of notes or errands in each corner. You can even use it to put up happy photos or memories on.

Now the next dilemma is to get it back up on the wall lol. I will get a photo of it soon!

Gemma X


  1. Super cute! I hope it keeps you organized

  2. Very pretty and useful project!!
    I enjoyed watching you make it

  3. What a good idea, you will feel very happy looking at it!

  4. Hey Gemma. That was a really good tute, you're so helpful taking so many pictures...I always forget! It's really cute.


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