20 May 2010

Show and Tell.

This lovely weather we've been having recently reminds me of my last holiday. Last year we were lucky enough to go to Florida for 2 weeks. We went to the Disney Parks, SeaWorld, the malls etc and had a great time! We took home loads of fond memories and souvenirs..especially this one...

We walked past tons of stalls where they created silhouettes. It was one of those things that we said we'd do but never had the time to stop by and find out about it all...but i'm so glad we did..aren't they lovely?!

We thought the man would simply take a photo of us as and somehow edit it using photoshop..but he was AMAZINGLY TALENTED! Without even drawing it out first..he cut out our profiles only glancing up a few times at us. It took mere minutes and he was done.

Alex found it a struggle to keep still...

Jasmine found it weird having someone stare at the side of her face! lol

No one took a picture of me doing it unfortunately but o well...

Aren't they good? They remind me of something from Peter Pan. Especially the one of Alex..with his long eyelashes **SO cute!** The detail is perfect..including the hair!

I LOVE Disney but when you think of bringing Souvenirs back from Disney World you imagine Mickey mouse or Cinderella etc... something not very useful. However this is so the opposite..not something that will get left in a drawer....but something you want people to see....a keeper!

Do you love Disney? Got anything similar to this? I want to hear from you guys! Just say hi or whatever but don't be a stranger : )

Gemma X


  1. They are amazing! A friend had hers done in Montmartre, Paris, but I couldnt bear the thought of being on display!

  2. Wow, these are so cool. I can't believe he just cut them straight out without any guide. I love this idea and they are so special.

  3. I love these! These are the best. What a great take away


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