5 May 2010

Splashes of pink here and there

Hello bloggy friends,

I hope your week is going well : ) So far mine has been excellent. I am applying for two school jobs so that is something to feel positive about. Obviously i'm not going to get my hopes up too much (as they've been let down before)...BUT..I have a good feeling.

I've been meaning to tell you that I have begun to do some voluntary work. My boyfriends sister is a Brownie Leader. So now every Monday evening I help her out and have lots of fun with the loveliest bunch of girls :D It is a great feeling knowing you are contributing to the community! Now I'm searching for blogs that have great ideas on fun activities for children and as a result I have also discovered some fun new people!!! YAY : )

Continuing my love for pinky/peachy colours I thought I'd share some pictures from these last few days...

(Me & my sister...we are a pinky shade as it was a COLD day yet we had ice cream....don't ask lol)

Pink is pretty when it is used correctly! I currently own lots of various shades of peachy/dusky pink items...I'm obsessed I tell you!

Do you guys have a favourite colour? I really love reading your comments so don't hold back if you fancy a chit chat : )

Gemma X


  1. did you change your blog background?? i love it...

  2. well, you know i love color with my color of the week posts. i will be doing a pink post soon too!! what are those pink balls? very cool and those tulips are beautiful.

    your sister looks like she would be a blast to hang out with!!!


  3. Hi Gem, You and your sis look alike. I know you will enjoy the brownies. That age girls are so fun...a neat site to get ideas is
    makingfriends.com they have lots of crafts and patterns for things to make.
    Love your pink items!!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog

  4. Many years ago(!) I was a Brownie leader, and really enjoyed thinking up different things to do, games, craft etc. There used to be several helpful books with ideas especially for youth clubs/Brownies etc.

  5. What beautiful photographs!! You might like this site for things to do with kids.http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/

    Good luck!

  6. Hi Gemma :)

    You take beautiful pictures! The one of you and your sister made me laugh, because we eat ice cream when it's cold outside too LOL

    I had no idea you had Brownie troops in England! How sweet of you to help her out.

    Thank you for your sweet comment!


  7. Hi Guys!

    Cindy - I sure did change my background. It needed a spruce up and I really fell in love with this one..I hope you like it :D

    Thanks Her at Home - that link is really useful! I also gave it to my mum.

    Donna - A lot of people say we look alike but I can't see it lol

    Elizabeth - I didn't know you were a Brownie leader! I love to learn something new everyday : )

    Rue - Welcome to my blog! I hope you like it..I sure love yours!

    Love Gemma x

  8. I love pink! Hot pink and teal is my favorite color combo. Your pink flowers are inspired! I hope you enjoyed your icecream. I just had Ben and Jerry's Boston cream pie for the first time. It was goood!

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