11 June 2010

Beautiful Sky

Happy Friday!!! As I write this Ian is working hard at work...I can't wait for him to be on his way home..it's such a nice feeling : )

I love the feeling of welcoming him home after a long days work - Do any of you feel the same about your partners? I can't wait to have a home of our own and to be married. I dream about being the stereotypical wife. A freshly baked pie cooling whilst dinner has just been served as soon as he gets through the door....HA! Of course I know the reality of marriage...nothing is ever as perfect as that...but all the same I look forward to having him home and all to myself.

The other evening we had a B-E-A-UTIFUL sunset...amazing!

You can see the Flies lingering around the top of the tree.

This is lovely. I sometimes imagine heaven to be like this..just a continuation of clouds.

Looks like mountains!

Magical : )

Today is the beginning of the World Cup if you didn't know. It's a huge thing here in the UK...England flags are dotted everywhere throughout the country. I'm not a fan of football but as it's the World Cup I will watch England play (if it's on whilst I am in the living room anyway!).

Tomorrow it is our local school fair. The weather hasn't been too good this past week but it is meant to be a nice day tomorrow.  I want to go shopping in the morning to the Body Shop..i'll show you my purchase soon if I manage to get what I want!

Anyway REMEMBER...

I'm starting Sweet Summer Sunday THIS Sunday so tell your friends!

It should be good!

Have a lovely evening and an even better weekend...you deserve it!!!!

Gemma X


  1. Lovely, lovely pictures!
    My son, Seth, is very excited
    about the World Cup and has
    made plans to watch as much
    as he possibly can. I'll
    take a peek when I'm not busy
    in the kitchen.
    Can't wait for those sweet
    recipes you're going to share!
    Be blessed,
    Sandy :0)

  2. Beautiful pictures and its so nice that you are excited about seeing someone coming home, I really hope you get your house soon!

  3. Those were gorgeous sunset pictures. It looked like God painted the sky just for you:)

    My Honey would love the idea of a pie cooling on the windowsill when he got home from work. If only that were a reality...I'm sure you'll make a lovely wife.

  4. Love the photos...
    I am looking forward to your Sunday recipes...I could use a few new ones in my kitchen..
    Hope your weekend is finding you well!



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