1 June 2010

Denham Village Fayre - Part 1

This could of been the longest post...


So that is why I'm doing a part 1 and 2 to this post. I took plenty of pictures on the go so I hope they are clear enough for you to see. Also....ignore the random strangers in the foreground of some of the pictures..they were unavoidable! lol

We arrived at around 11:30 and I tell you i've never seen it so busy there before...they must of promoted it big time.

The first thing you notice walking along are the gorgeous houses. I love the shapes of the roof. I love the Wisteria and the way it climbs and entwines itself...it is so beautiful.
You can see a plaque above a security camera on the wall. My knowledgeable uncle told me that this plaque used to be a way of showing whether the home owners had house insurance. If there were a fire the fire brigade would turn up and only put out the fire if the plaque was there...crazy huh?

More houses with so much character..they really are OLD! It would probably be deemed as unsafe to have such a sticking out window in a modern built property.

I love the shabby chic-ness of this door. It looks so clean and simple yet oozes character!

The first stall was the plant stall..these caught my eye. We have Callistemon in our garden and when in full bloom it is lovely! They have red (soft) spikey things with golden dots on the end of each spike. Ours are in the midst of blooming so I will get some good pictures for you when they are done. ***By the way this is another plant I am SO going to plant when I have my own garden : ) ***

This stall was a bit random as it was general bric-a-brac but the chairs and red mirror caught my eye. It was so busy this year which made it a bit difficult to stop and have a good look at everything. I hoped to have a proper look at the mirror but by the time I came back it had gone! I probably wouldn't have bought it...it just looked so unusual for what it was.

Something that makes the fayre extra special is the fact that nearly all of the proceeds go to the church : )
You can climb to the top of the church which is kinda cool..throughout my time going to the village I am yet to climb it! Maybe one day I will : )

Inside is so beautiful! The stained glass windows are stunning as you can see. There were also a lot of plaques in memory of recognised people from the area (on the left wall). It can be full of visitors looking around and yet be really quiet.

Outside the Church was an array of handmade stalls. We watched the man below craft some beautiful wooden items. Door handles, necklaces, honey sticks and vases etc...so clever!

This stall had jewelery, paintings, furniture, candles, cakes, jams, chutneys etc.

Oops I missed the last "f" in the photo..o well : )

These chairs are adorable..perfect size for the little ones. I'd love to try and make something like this some day..very inspirational!

This house was used as the exterior shot of Miss Marples cottage in the films. Hopefully you all would know who I am on about. In short..she is a famous fictional detective here in the UK. Click on the link for more info on her. I will try and find a clip or image for you to compare it to : )

I intended on showing more pictures in part 1 but for some reason blogger wont let me upload any more pictures. For those of you that use blogger..do you find uploading pictures a pain? I find I have to drag the photos I want at the bottom all the way down to the end of my post which takes forever and sometimes deletes other pictures or words. Maybe I've been doing it wrong?

I hope you enjoyed the pictures so far..the rest will come in part 2!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend here in the UK or Memorial weekend in the USA or the weekend in general wherever else you may be : D

Gemma X


  1. Oh, I would so have loved to
    be there! What delightful
    pictures! I know you must
    have had a marvelous time.
    Can't wait for part 2!
    Thank you, Gemma.

  2. What a picturesque village that is. It must have been a fascinating day.
    Re photos on blogger...I have learnt that the ones I want to show first are loaded last, if you see what I mean!

  3. What a lovely time! Such pretty cottages, and fun booths at the fair! Thanks for sharing with us :).

    I upload my pictures first, before I begin to write. The 1st pic you "browse" & click will upload at the bottom of the post, and the last pic will be at the top. Weird, I know. But doing the pics 1st is easiest I have found 'cause then you just write around them without having to drag them around the post. Hope this helps!


  4. Hi Gemma, it looks like you had a lovely weekend! Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog today! I look forward to reading part 2. xx


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