1 June 2010

Denham Village Fayre - Part 2


Welcome back to part 2...

This is the pub we usually go to. Around the back is a garden with lots of trees for shade...however it was ULTRA busy so we didn't even get a chance to pop in there.

Below is the restaurant I told you about before (I once won my grandparents a 3 course meal there)...it looks so miniature and cute! The couple in the picture don't look like they're having fun do they? lol

Art Gallery : )

The brass band play every year on this patch of grass. They definitely add a great feeling to the atmosphere of the Fayre.

The army are in this patch every year too...I think the aim of this game is to knock your opponent off...a boys game!

This is where all the old ladies sell their yummy homemade cakes. As you can see it is jam packed so I didn't get a chance to get pictures of all their lovely pastries and pies...sorry! lol

This automatic fair ground organ is ALWAYS by the church but for some reason it was moved next to the church hall this year. When I was a little girl I was petrified of the man with the mustache! His arms move as the organ plays and I just felt it was scary lol.

So that was the end of the Fayre. I enjoyed myself but it was SOOO busy that you couldn't really enjoy it properly if you know what I mean...

...Then off we went to my mums cousins for a well deserved BBQ...

Something to keep the males occupied..heehee. They always play pool/snooker when we go there so why not bring it outside to be sociable with everyone else at the same time!

This is only a tiny portion of all the food we had..I thought I had better snap the picture quickly whilst no one was around!

As the BBQ warmed up lots more family arrived : )

Again this was our "starters"..they made so much food. We had lamb koftas, ribs, chicken, burgers, sausages, jacket potato, new potatoes and don't even get me started on the different variations of salads....


...and of course I tried to be as healthy as I could be ; )....HA!

Ian & I having a stroll around the garden. It wasn't a hot day..nor sunny..but it didn't rain..yipee!

Then came desert....

There was also fruit salad but these caught my eye! I had a little pavlova and lots of marble cake. The jelly was slightly fizzy...it was great fun!

My sister goofing around heehee! There was plenty of toys for the little ones...

Happy days....

..and that was it! Lots of fun memories and great food. Me and my tummy were both happy lol.

Thank you for reading part 2!
Gemma X


  1. I enjoyed part 2 even more than
    part 1, Gemma! Such fun! The
    atmosphere seemed so very...
    British!! When I was a young
    girl I loved the Beatles and
    anything and everything that
    was from England!! Some of your
    photos remind me of pictures
    I had seen of England from the
    Beatles era. I had collected
    pictures of their homes and
    places that frequented. Great
    fun. Your pictures of all the festivities brought back lots of pleasant memories of my youth.
    Cherish that good family time.
    You seem to be a very blessed
    young lady.
    Sandy :)

  2. Lovely day.
    May I remind you, ahem, that 'old ladies' who sell cakes probably prefer not to be known by that term!

  3. That looks insanely wonderful!

  4. The food all looks so good. Yum!

    You are so pretty too! Great photos. :)


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