24 June 2010

Having a rant and moan...

I've been feeling really 'off' these past few days. My issues spread from big ones to tiny little ones. I guess it doesn't help that soon it will be my THAT time AGAIN! This humid sticky weather we've been having recently sure isn't helping.

Remember this post ? I still haven't found a job. I've applied for loads at schools but no luck. I'm going to drop one off today so please pray for me! I am trying to get to University this year through the "clearing" process but if not it will be next September. If any of you know anyone that might be interested in some cute cushions, door stops or other home decor..send them my way!

I worry..

I worry A LOT!

My nan worries, my mum worries and I worry...I wonder where I got it from?! lol

I know what I want for my future...but often worry if what I want WILL happen.

I worry about my families health and safety.

I worry about my own health and if i'm treating my body the way it should be treated.

I worry about the way people perceive who I am...what all of YOU think of me. If you guys visit out of politeness  or if you enjoy reading what I have to say. I know it is silly..but it's true!

I worry about learning to drive..another silly one but the thought of it is daunting.

I worry about money, the community, the earth..everything!

One thing that does reassure me is that i'm not alone...everyone worries in their own little way...big or small!


  1. I think you're right,everyone worries.I guess it's the glass half empty/full scenario.....everyone is different.I can assure you I don't visit out of politeness.Although I don't comment often(I'm more of a lurker!!) ,I honestley look forward to reading.Good luck with the job!xxx

  2. Oh dear, Gemma. you will wear your life away with worrying at this rate.
    Try trusting that God has a plan for you, it might not look like it now, but it will happen.
    I dont think we would keep visiting you if we didnt enjoy your posts....so you can cut that worry out!

  3. I always worry about everything too and if there is nothing to worry about I worry that, but I have learnt over time that it does no good. Things always turn up when you least expect them and everything sorts itself out in the end. Look around you at laid back people, they don't worry and are much happier!! I think its a womens thing really.
    My daughter teaches and she didn't get on the course the first year of applying, but she got there in the end. Good luck, it will happen.

  4. I agree with Elizabethd...Don't worry so much. I find that if I just leave a lot of my troubles with Jesus, He will work them out and I can go on with life.
    If it is in Gods plan, it will work out, If not, why should I worry about it now. I'll just deal with it when it happens.
    Love your blog and your youthful perspective on things.
    I do read every post.
    (smile) Donna

  5. Dear Sweet Gemma,
    It saddens me to think that
    you are worrying about your
    good life. I used to be a
    worrier as well. It only
    causes stress and sickness
    to come to our bodies. God
    does not want us to worry or
    fear. Whenever you feel like
    worry is coming on simple go
    and talk to Jesus about any
    and everything that's bothering
    you. He really loves you and
    is concerned about every single
    aspect of your life.
    I read every post you write
    because I enjoy them and just
    because I think you are a dear
    sweet young lady.
    God's Peace to you,
    Sandy :)

  6. Try not to worry...do the best you can and then don't worry about what you can't control. I know it's easier said than done :)

  7. i truly think that the right job is just waiting for you to find it. and it will come along when the time is right!!

    we are still dealing with my husband's unemployment going into it's 9th month. there is a potential job on the horizon that we will find out about sometime next week.

    i am keeping my fingers crossed for you....and us too!!!



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