15 June 2010

Baby birds.

Ians' neighbours found something amazing the other day. Down the side of their house they have a storage area for bits and bits...look at what they found...

Can you spot it?

There it is : )........

Can you spot THEM?.......

There they are!

Click on the photo's to enlarge..especially the ones below. They are SOOO cute!!!

We even got a snap of the mother feeding them worms..yummy : p

We see the mother flying back and forth ALL THE TIME. You can guarantee that she will be back within 10 minutes with mouthful of worms. Before she flies back to the nest she'll make sure there isn't anything following or watching her...so special!

These pictures were taken from an open window from Ians' house so we didn't disturb them. 

I feel so lucky to have been able to see the birds. Most of the time nests are up in TALL trees. It's so crazy seeing a nest on a paint pot. It must be perfect for the mother as it is very quiet and sheltered...a blessed nest! : )

I hope you enjoy the pictures..they are adorable!

Gemma X


  1. Oh Gemma isn't that sweet! What an unusual place for a nest! xx

  2. Aww, how sweet! I love watching mama birds take care of their babies. Sounds like you have a great view!

  3. How perfect! You should send the photo to B and Q!

  4. The pictures are so cute. We had a nest on our back porch and watched until the babies were pushed out of their nest.

  5. so cute! I enjoyed looking at them.

  6. That's lovely. I get fledgelings in my garden, and mum and dad birds use my table and feeders to help bring up their broods, but I've never had a nest I could see, how wonderful for you!

  7. Gemma, these photos are just
    precious! New life! As someone
    who has been a birdwatcher for
    many, many years I really
    enjoyed this.
    Do you know what kind of birds
    they are?

  8. how fun is that??? they make nests in the most incredible places don't they. it will be fun to see them grow...


  9. That is too sweet! It kinda makes me sad because I had a littel bird house sitting on my side porch and Derrick was cleaing it off the other day and put it inside of my planters cabinet. The bird house was more for decoration (it's really small) and he didn't think anything of it. Then a Momma bird came over and we looked inside and there were 3 little eggs. Since we moved it she didn't come back. I feel horrible! We could have had little ones like yours!


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