28 June 2010

Job interview!!!

OMG you guys...I just got a call and now I have a job interview next MONDAY! I'm really happy but SOO nervous at the same time.

They want me to be interviewed, then have a maths and english test.

And then I have to conduct a 10-20 minute session with 8-10 yr olds...I think like a P.E lesson or something fun.

Now the problem is to think of an activity to do..something fun and sensible?!

Would really appreciate any ideas of stuff I could do with the kids!!

Gemma X


  1. Sorry don't have any ideas for the PE lesson. But very good luck x

  2. Is it definitely PE? That could be difficult unless you have it very tightly planned...and are ready for the mischief makers! Keep them VERY busy!
    Hope it all oges well.

  3. you will do great!!!! i'm not sure if you have to do an actual teaching activity but if not maybe you could do something like have them make homemade bubble soap from dish soap and glycerine and then make bubble wands out of wire, string and sticks or hangers.

    i think even 8-10 year olds would like that activity. if it has to be something mathamatical, making the bubble soap (one part of this, two parts of that) could easily turn into a math lesson. there are recipes for the bubble soap all over the internet.....

    i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you... :D

  4. Congrats!!! That's very exciting! Cindy, thats a great activity idea, would you have access to the supplies?

  5. That is so exciting! I love the idea about the bubbles! I asked Derrick (he used to teach PE) and he said you could also teach a dance. He sugggested 3 things 1. Make sure you teach something you are comfortable with 2. Keep all of the kids involved the whole time and 3. Make sure you have a plan in place for any kids who might have special needs. He also said don't pick anything that makes you have to explain something in depth because when people are nervous they tend to talk too much. And give praise to the kids when they accomplish the task (instead of saying "good job" say something more specific like "you are dinging great keeping your elbows up like we talked about"). Ok, that is a really long suggestion but he kept throwing them out there for me to type! Good luck! You will be great no matter what you teach!!!


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