30 June 2010

Lovely Strangers...

Don't you just hate it when you just missed a parcel? It's so much hassle to have to go to the parcel collection office, queue forever and then worryingly watch the staff search for your elusive parcel.

Luckily we have the sweetest post lady at the moment (they change regularly)!!

We arrived home and saw the bright red "Sorry, you were out" letter..


I took a closer look and saw our Post lady had written a little note saying she's in the area until 1:30pm and to give her a call on her mobile number if we were back before then...How sweet!!!

She really didn't have to do that whatsoever...I gave her a call and within 5 minites she was knocking at our door : )

She was smilly and very happy that we were happy.

Some people are so lovely.

You guys are so lovely.

It is very reassuring.

Gemma X


  1. I just love to hear stories
    like that! It's so easy to
    choose to be kind to everyone.
    Have a lovely day, Gemma!

  2. What a lovely post lady! Here we have post boxes, so they can open them and put parcels inside.

  3. You are so lucky to have such a lovely post lady. Our current postman doen't even bother to check whether we are home or not. He just leaves a slip in the mailbox. xx

  4. I have never had that happen! Really sweet!


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