22 June 2010

Garden Update - Summer 2010

Happy Tuesday!
The sun has been shining so much recently. The garden is definitely benefiting from it...it's flourishing! Here are a few snaps...

The tops of the runner beans have been picked. They have now started to "fill out" and are producing lovely red flowers.

I picked the first raspberry today...so yummy! A million times better than the ones at the shop...Organic is the best : )
We have three...Yes..only 3 strawberries at the moment! I think it's because they are potted in a small pot. I need to get a bigger one. 

I've recently started growing potatoes. I was in a garden center and spotted  a perfectly good pack of growing potatoes for only 20p...bargain! 
 The leeks are getting much bigger. So big that they need supporting. I might need to add some more soil.....what do you think? Need some advice : )

I'm loving this plant at the moment. The palm tree is extending upwards and onwards. It smells soooo summery. I caught the BEST photo the other day...accidental goodness.
Check out the photo below! You need to click on it to enlarge...seriously!

I'm very proud...it's my desktop picture!
Hope you enjoyed the photo's. I love all the variations of pinks and reds.
Gemma xXx 


  1. we generally cut the tops of the leeks to about half way, then earth them up round the roots.

  2. wow! lovely garden photos and how gorgeous is the ladybird!!

    you dont need to add more soil to your leeks, just keep supporting them and theyll be fine :)

  3. Gemma- Those pictures are priceless. I want to eat berries right now! You have a talent!


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