28 July 2010

Colours of the rainbow : )

To get things a bit organised we had a clear out in our art cupboard. 

Unfortunately the art cupboard is the type of cupboard which isn't at its best. I think all homes have one cupboard or drawer where everything is shoved in..and this was one of them! We need some kind of "pull out" system for it like this....


Maybe a trip to Ikea is needed? Not that I would mind..I love it there!

One thing that I love about reading blogs is how much they've opened my eyes to the amount of colour that surrounds us. In light of this I got my camera out and snapped at anything that caught my eye whilst cleaning out the mess...

Lots and lots of goodies were rediscovered...especially the Christmas crafts. Just to let you know I'm already thinking about Autumn (Fall) and Winter..I love the festive season : )

My sister decided to make a cool necklace..so bright and happy.

Rainbow colours.

That is one happy necklace...very Summery : )

As I am typing this Ian is taking his driving test...I have butterflies. If he passes I am paying for us to go to the Harvester (Cheap but so good!). If he is unlucky we're just going to walk into town.

I will let you know how it goes!

Gemma X

1 comment:

  1. I've got my fingers crossed for good luck for the driving test.
    Hope your celebrating tonight!:-)


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