22 July 2010

Garden and Summer list

The week has flown by and I'm kinda liking it! The weekend is extra special for my brother and sister and it's their first day of freedom for six weeks! 

We've made a list of fun things we'd like to do over the summer...(click to enlarge!!)

We got the idea from Meg....as always!

It gives the day more of a purpose and helps to keep it a little structured. I'm really excited for this...I know it will help when Ian is away on holiday which is looming : ( :( :(

It will be a distraction.

I imagine we won't be able to do all of it but it's a challenge!


We used our first Courgettes the other night! Sooo exciting : )

The small ones are so much sweeter than the larger..yum yum yum!

I was very proud.

Planting a seed..watching it grow into a plant...watching it's fruit grow and then eating it is such a fun journey...if you haven't done it then you really should!!! : )

Hugs and Kisses...

Gemma xXxXxXx


  1. That looks quite a list Gemma! You will be very busy.

  2. congratulations on your job! and your list. have fun, fun, fun. those veggies look delish!

  3. Is a courgette like a cucumber?
    It looks delicious. We are getting
    lots of cucumbers from our garden
    now and they are yummy! The red
    and yellow tomatoes have been
    delicious as well. I love having
    a garden.

  4. Well done on your new job Gemma. That sounds like a pretty cool list.
    We used to have a veggie patch though it was impossible in the end because all the possums and kangaroos kept eating it!

  5. Your veggies look great! Have fun tackling your list! P.S. Congrats on the new job...that is exciting news!

  6. here in the states they are called zucchini. here is a recipe i made last week with some zucchini out of our garden. it was fabulous and my husband and son did not know that it wasn't apple. it tasted exactly the same.

    those look great!!!

    summer is blowing by for me too... :(


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