30 July 2010

He Passed!

Yay, on his third attempt (Thrid Time Lucky I reckon lol) he passed! I think his confidence grew immensly between the second test and now : )

After contacting his insurance company we ended up going to lunch, to my nans and to a garden centre. You could say I was a bit nervous at first. It all was fine though and I acted as his second pair of eyes : )

He has driven himself to and back from work which is a 45 minute drive away - I admit I was petrified and made him text me as soon as he got there.

Overprotective - Maybe?.....A sensible thing to do - Yes! I'm sure most of you would agree.

I am just praying nothing happens like this....

We drove past this last night...Crazy right?!  It is a 30 mph speed limit down that road...the driver must be been drunk or something.


I imagine the home owners must of been scared out of their wits when this happen in the middle on the night.

This weekend rather than taking a bus to our local shopping centre we are going by car -  No rude smelly people - Hoorah! : D

Gemma x


  1. two thumbs up for you and Ian!!
    Congratulations and have fun driving around town!!


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