13 July 2010

Health Kick

I don't know what it is about Summer but it makes me want to be a be, feel and look like a better person. It makes me want to be better to my body, my mind and my soul.

It may be the fact that we generally wear less in the Summer..so we notice those bumps and marks that are hidden in Winter a lot more. In recent weeks I've become a whole lot more aware of my body... what I'm eating and the amount of exercise I'm having. 

Don't get me wrong, I walk almost everywhere and generally eat well but I could do more.  

The core things I want to do are:
  •  Limit the amount of naughty snacks i.e - Chocolate.
  •  Try and find a sport I like that would get my heart pumping. Be it playing Badminton or going for a jog..or maybe calming yoga on the Wii...we'll see!
  •  Have a healthy but rather filling breakfast.
  • Tone my overall body.
  • Eat more fruit & veg!!! 
I do not want to:
  • Weight watch.
  • Be over the top..we all deserve a treat every now and then.
Once I have my own home and have the responsibility of buying the food shopping, I would love to buy more Organic produce! I know some people disagree with the whole organic theory but to me it makes sense...but we shall see! I know it can be so expensive...

Do any of you eat or know of anyone who eats organically? Do you/they feel it is beneficial? Do you have some kind of fitness/ healthy eating regime? Sorry for all the questions but I'm just so curious!

Gemma xXx


  1. Hi Gemma. That sounds like a good plan. You're right about getting a balance - overdoing it can just make you feel miserable.

  2. Hi Gemma,
    We grow a large garden every
    year and enjoy organic veggies
    from it. I also buy mostly organic
    veggies, fruits, and hormone-
    free meats and chicken. We try
    our best to eat very healthy
    and drink about 8 glasses of
    water daily. We figure we get
    plenty of exercise just doing
    all the regular chores and
    activities in the course of a

  3. I just bought some organic berries. They were about double the price of regular. Which is a shame! I try to eat 'clean' or whole foods without all the additives. I liked the movie and book Food Inc. Its about how our food is made/produced (US), was an eye opener for me

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  5. I want to tone and thats hard if you have not the funds or inclination for a gym, we have started cycling which is pretty good especially for the legs.

    Good luck with it



  6. I would love to eat more organic foods - but it is more expensive. I buy it based on price - but I do prefer to buy hormone free meat - that is a must for me! I agree that summer is the time when we all want to feel better and eat healthier. I eat more fresh foods instead of canned since it is available. Now is a great time to freeze/can your favorite treats so you can keep it up through the winter months! Good luck!!!


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