5 July 2010

Job interview - How it went...

Just to get it all over and done with...I didn't get the job.

In some ways I am disappointed but I have to admit I'm quite glad....Here's why..

  • When I was interviewed I was sat on one end of a LONG table and the headteachers were sat down the other...
  • I mentioned my allergy and asked if it was a nut free school (most are these days). They said children weren't allowed to bring in nuts..HOWEVER..teachers brought nuts in for their lunch and ate them in the staff room. At this point you can imagine what I was thinking. 
  • They didn't shake my hand when we said goodbye.
  •  Remember I mentioned I'd have to do an activity. They told me I'd conduct it with 10 kids aged 8-10...wrong! They changed their minds and gave me a choice of 6 -8 kids aged 11. The activity I ended up choosing wasn't enough to occupy 11 yr olds for long enough..nightmare! My activity was quite basic. They formed a circle, opened their legs wide and had their feet touching either person beside them. The object of the game was for the person in the middle to get the ball through someones legs..all they had to do was to stop it from going through using only their hands (not moving their legs)! It was fun at first but after a few minutes they got bored. And as you can imagine the circle was small as there weren't as many children was I was expected..sigh! I had a back up game but they already knew it so it wasn't exactly great.
  • I had a tour of the school At this point it was playtime and all the kids were at the front of the building where the playground is. We went behind the school (where it was very quiet and no one really went) and found one boy alone crying..AND..a bit further around a disabled (physically and mentally) child alone!!
I was getting bad vibes about the school. 

If I had got offered the job I would of taken it...a job is a job. I felt relief that I didn't get it though as my main worry was my allergy and the fact that they could not cater for it.

At least it was a great experience for me to have! 

I've come away a little stronger.

Thank you for all your suggestions and encouragement...you ladies are so inspiring!

Gemma X


  1. like i said before, God will guide you and this obviously was not the right job for you. i always believe that things happen for a reason and you may have gotten the job and then might/would not have been able to change things that needed to be changed in the school. red flags would have gone up all over the place for me with those two poor children.

    don't worry. the right one will come along and it will be the one that you were waiting for. it will be perfect for you.

    i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, sweetie!!! ;)

  2. It really doesnt sound a very sympathetic school for all the reasons you mention.
    Now that you have done an interview the next one will be so much easier. I'm sure something will turn up for you.

  3. Sorry you didn't get the job.
    That just means there's a
    much better job for you out
    there. Don't give up.

  4. I'm sorry your interview didn't go as well as you would have liked. Bummer! It sounds like the school isn't a good fit for you at all, but the right job will come along! I was a disaster last summer looking for a job, but it happened :)! It's just a long process.

  5. I'm so sorry you didn't get the job but I think there is a better plan out there for you. I can't imagine what else you'd have discovered if you saw children untended to and a disabled child completely without care. Things have a way of working out, I'm sure they will for you!

  6. Wow! That is really sad about the kids! I hope all schools aren't like that. You will find one that isn't, I am sure of it. And I really like your activity. I think it sounds appropriate and fun. You just never know with kids what they will be willing to do and for how long they will do it. Don't be hard on yourself! Something great will happen but probably when you don't expect it. It always does!!!


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