11 July 2010

Sweet Summer Sunday - Eton Mess!

For my last "Sweet Summer Sunday" I decided to make Eton Mess. What I love about this desert is that you literally have to put very little effort into making it taste and look good. You only need three core ingredients and it is MEANT to look messy. It traditionally contains Strawberries.. however I've deicided to use Raspberries instead.

Look at how many we've had growing recently...

We've had about a handful a day which has been great! I decided to freeze quite a lot of them to save for this desert.

Yes - I put my hands up! I used shop bought meringue nests..they are still chewy on the inside and are just as good! Who really wants to be slaving away in the kitchen when its boiling outside anyway?!?

You will need : 

  • Meringue nests. You can make your own ones. Just look online for a recipe.
  • Raspberries
  • Single cream OR double cream (depends if you want thin or thick cream). I prefer thin!

Simply break up your meringue. Wash and gently add the raspberries. Pour over the desired amount of cream and gently fold...YUMMY!

I know I've used this word a lot recently but it is so fresh and juicy! Great for a summers evening : ) 

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the look of this desert! 

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Go on....


Love you all,

Gemma X


  1. I love Eton mess, and usually buy the meringues...no one would ever guess!

  2. Meringue Nests? Where have I been - I have never heard of these before. I am going to have to hunt these down so I can try this recipe. Thanks for sharing this one - I love finding something new!

  3. Hey Gemma. Confession: I've never had Eton Mess! I'll have to wait for summer down her then mix me up a batch. Looks like something I'd love.

  4. looks delish! I've never heard of meringue nests before

  5. I love Eton Mess, only eaten it from a restaurant before,the nests are great at Christmas topped with thick cream and fresh fruit and compote.
    Thanks for the recipe


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