31 August 2010

CSN Review

 I was approached by CSN to do a review. Whilst browsing through their many websites I came across some lovely Lights that would look great in my bedroom.

I'm not sure if I prefer the classic Chandelier look.

Or something a bit more 'modern' like these fabulous Spotlights.

My bedroom is due a make-over ( any excuse lol) so I will be sharing my ideas and photos and more..... as soon as I get a start on it all.

I want to try and make it feel warm and cosy....can any of you give any advice or tips on colours etc. How do you create that feeling in your bedroom? I am a beginner after all lol !

I start my job as of next week...EEK!! I'm so nervous but excited. Once i'm feeling settled there then I imagine I will get started on the room.

In the mean time I need to tidy it up for some 'before' photos!

Gemma x

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