28 August 2010

Dream Store.

Hello everybody!

I think I've found my dream shop..minus clothes and make-up.

I found out about it after having a good natter with my hairdresser last week. She was looking for a satin throw for her bed..found the perfect one in Laura Ashley but it had a three figure price tag

She then popped over to a store called "Homesense", full of end of line items from other branded stores. By surprise she found a very similar one for £20...got it home and found a label sewn into the sheet. After picking it out she found it was from House Of Fraser. 

Putting it simply - Designer Brand!!!

I had to go there as soon as I heard about this.

I forgot to bring my camera (most likely because I was excited) ..... so used Ians phone instead.

Halloween goodies!!

 Lovely Lanterns...I really like the detail and patterns...reminds me of an "Asian" or "Moroccan".

These ALL caught my eye...Mosaics are so beautiful.

 Recyling : )

A little something for my overseas friends : )

 Cute Kitchen Towel Holder!

 Vintage typewritters.

Everything there was blog worthy..you would LOVE IT!! So many Shabby Chic items..some vintage..some modern...great stuff!

The best bit was it was all at reasonable prices.

All one off items..

No two the same.

I'm going back tomorrow...heehee!!

Love Gemma x


  1. I hadnt heard of that store but it looks really interesting.

  2. okay, i'm coming to england to get that chair.....and those halloween decorations...and some of that turquoise mosiac glassware.

    i cant wait to see what you end up with.....

    ps..i'm back up on my blog...yay!!!!!


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