22 August 2010

Sweet Shop.

Something that has become a bit of a novelty in our house is a brand new local sweet shop. However it isn't just any confectionary shop..it has an old feel to it. (Click on pics to enlarge).

There were Three huge walls filled with different types of candy in different jars and wrappers... a feast for your eyes!

It kind of resembled a scene from the original Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory! You could spend quite a long time looking at each product and tasting to find the ones you like.

I have to say I'm not a sweet person myself. I'm much more of a chocolate kinda girl!!! Give me chocolate over sweets any day of the week : )

So my question to YOU is what kinda girl are you...A Sweet or a Chocolate kinda girl??

Let me know : )

Love Gemma x


  1. NOw that looks like a dream come true for big and little kids alike :) T.

  2. what a fun place to shop. kids would love that, i'm sure!!!! heck i would love it too!!

    i am a chocolate girl myself but i do enjoy some sour chewy candy some times and i really like fruit slices...kind of fruity gumdrops in the shape of a slice of fruit.

    i wish there were something like that here...

    hugs, cindy

  3. This shop reminds me so much
    of one we have here in town
    called The Mast General Store.
    I'll bet you guys will enjoy
    this shop, especially your
    little brother.

  4. it's adorable! definitely sweets (or salty ones like dutch licorice)

  5. That is the cutest store ever. I'm not really much of a sweet tooth for lollies or chocolate (except maybe for at certain times of the month!). I do like an occasional bag of sweets.

  6. I am a sweet kind of girl. I used to think I could live without chocolate but I am starting to crave it these days :)


  7. Chocolate definitely!
    What a wonderful shop, quite Victorian.

  8. I love that store! It is too cute! I am both - sweets and chocolates...I can't seem to get enough of either. My dentist loves to see me coming with all the sugar I eat :) I have never seen a store like that (except in movies). I am glad you are enjoying it!


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