6 August 2010

What's been going on around here lately.

Happy Friday : )

I've been feeling rather healthy recently. Apart from eating the fresh produce my garden is providing, I've been quite active!

I'm surprised I have stuck to some kind of routine. I'm using my mums old fitness video (you can tell how dated it is by the word video!!). It involves doing 12 minute exercise routines a day that focus on different parts of your body. You alternate each day and then work up to the next level (which is harder).

I'm getting close to the second level..!

Now Ian is driving we have a lot more freedom. We could always jump on a bus if we wanted to before but a car is so much easier - I won't take it for granted that's for sure. In this past week we've been to a Golf Driving range and played Badminton at our local leisure center.

We met the sweetest Dad at the driving range. His little boy (around 7) was really good at it all but got tired after using 50 out of 100 balls. Just as we finished our 100 balls his dad asked if we would like the boys...so nice! We ended up chatting a bit and he gave us some advice on technique etc.


About a month ago I came across this really lovely Jewelry website. REALLY LOVELY!!! After hinting ever so slightly to Ian..I thought he got the idea and left it at that. I imagined if he did buy it I'd get it as a Birthday or Christmas present...

But being the sweetest, nicest and most generous boyfriend he is....

He decided to surprise me for no reason whatsoever.

As you can imagine I had a few tears (of joy!!). Surprises are nice : ) The necklace represents our love. I wear it nearly every day.

I was one happy girl..and still am!

You guys seriously need to check out this website. I haven't been asked to endorse this shop..I'm saying this because I think the products they have are classy yet simple and would make such a great personalised gift...it's all handmade and best of all it is fairly priced.  It is called The Vintage Pearl. Erin (who owns it) also has a blog with lots of giveaways of her products so take a look there too.


Jasper is going to the dreaded Vets today. Poor him! He's got some kind of skin infection and began to scratch himself so much he's looking rather sore..wish him luck!

Ian is going away for 10 days next week to Switzerland..I'm going to miss him so much! He is my best friend so it will feel like I'm missing a part of me : ( This weekend is going to be full of quality time together : )

Edit : Someone asked what Boxing day is (mentioned in my previous post). Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day (26th Dec). It is called "Boxing" day as this was when all the donation boxes were emptied (full of money and gifts to the poor and needy) across British Churches around the Middle Ages. It is a day of goodwill.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Gemma x


  1. I love that necklace and checked out the link. So cute...I bookmarked the site and will have to show my husband. Thanks for sharing...

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog again. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for sharing that link! I am totally going to put that on my wishlist...which is getting rather large. My boyfriends name is Ian too and he super sweet! Must be an Ian thing.


  3. Yes, I know that site. She
    has beautiful things and
    your necklace is certainly
    one of them! Wear it in
    health and peace!
    (Boxing day is a wonderful

  4. lovely post...i too have a necklace from the vintage pearl and i love it...mine has the names of my three children on it...i would love to have one with mine and my sweeties name as well...how romantic...

    i hope your pup had a good report from the vet...he looks just like my pup, mandy.

    have a lovely weekend!


  5. i'm doing fine gemma. i've just been really busy lately. not a whole lot of time to be on the computer. i have a necklace from the vintage pearl too!!! i love it.

    jasper looks like a good old dog.....i hope he perks up soon.

    you need to stuff yourself into ian's suitcase and go with him to switzerland, woman!!!!

    hugs, cindy


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