18 August 2010

Women Only.

Remember this place? We went beyond our norm last weekend and walked further afield around Hampstead Heath as well and the Kenwood area.

During our adventures we came across this...

I had heard about this place...a place for women to swim and relax... but I was yet to see it. In my imagination I saw a Pond/Bog type thing that women could take a dip in..somewhere where rules are relaxed..somewhere where you enter "at your own risk".

It turned out it was an actual lake dedicated to women..a HUGE lake..with life guards and everything!

You go past a gate and down a path. Either side of you is greenery surrounded by picket fences and trees...totally private from the general public. A place for women to read and relax..no mobiles allowed!!

Further down the path is a 'Lake house' type thing and the Lake itself. The Lake was murky and brown and yet women were swimming in it. I don't think you'd catch me in there!

I hope you can imagine it...it was really rustic yet seemed like some kind of haven for women...a natural spa maybe?... I wish I could of taken photos but as you can imagine it is meant to be private.

On an even more random note, we also walked by the place where George Michael ( the singer) was caught in the act with another man many years ago...lol.

Hampstead Heath is very beautiful but full of random places!

Edit to add : By the way there was a mens area too but I didn't dare go near it! lol : )
Ian is back on Tomorrow!! Yipee : )

I'm so excited.

Being away from loved ones is HORRIBLE.

We've been lucky as he has had a strong mobile signal (considering he is in the Swiss mountains) and have kept in contact regularly. He has a week off work when he gets back so it will be nice to catch up over that time : )

I hope ya'll are having a good week!

Lots of love,

Gemma x


  1. Is that politically correct, one asks??!

  2. i love the idea of a place for women only!!
    that would be really nice.
    not have to worry about how you look in your swim suit!

    thanks for always commenting and saying hello.
    i appreciate it.

  3. That sounds totally fascinating! Would you go back?

    And I totally would have taken pics of the George Michael bathroom.


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