1 September 2010

Happy September!

Welcome September!

Although I am feeling a bit apprehensive about starting my job soon..I'm quite happy that September has finally arrived.

If you didn't know already...I love Autumn!

I enjoy Summer but we had a pretty lousy one this year. It hasn't been hot at all..in fact it has rained A LOT!..we've had barely any BBQ's because of this and only a few nice evenings where we have lazed around outside.

This time last year I was in Florida..soaking up the sun and loving the heat! Now I'm just looking forward to the crisp, bleak days...weird isn't it?

With Summer life is very outdoorsy. During Autumn and Winter life is takes place indoors...mostly at  Home!!

I love Autumn...did I mention that already?!

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I love it when the leaves become crisp and fall to the ground. I love the array of reds, browns and oranges scattered down the street. I love the 'Cruch' noise....it's the simple things right?

 I love the feeling of relief when you walk through your door into Home after a long day, flick the kettle on and laze in front of the fire...you appreciate Home just that little bit more don't you?

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Hot dinners and desserts are a MUST!

(Found on Google Images)

(Found on Google Images)

YUM : )

I love wrapping up warm and layering with cardigans. 

Fashion is so much nicer in the colder months. Calf high boots..Comfy socks...Cute Hats..Knitted scarves...Beautiful Coats.

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It's always nice to take down and put away the 'Summer Accessories' in your Home and replacing them with the Autumn ones...whilst something with Apples and Cinammon is Baking and Bubbling away in the oven : )

  (Found on Google Images)

(Found on Google Images)

And the BEST bit is knowing that the festive season is ONLY around the corner...very exciting stuff!!!!

I have to admit I'm not skipping the Christmas songs on my Ipod at the moment. Are you listening to any Christmas music yet? Do you think I'm crazy for not skipping it on my Ipod...? Probably!

Do you love or hate Autumn?

Roughly when do you start to change the decor in your home from Summer to Autumn?

Love you all : )

Gemma X


  1. I adore autumn and will start
    putting away summer decor and
    bringing out autumn in about
    two weeks. The leaves are
    already turning and the crisp-
    ness is in the air early
    morning and in the evenings.
    Can't wait to get all of my
    big chunky sweaters and knee
    socks out of the cedar chests.

  2. i love autumn but i hate that autumn brings winter, and winter in michigan sucks!!!!

    i could do with autumn being 5 or 6 months long and summer being just as long. no winter, just a little snow around the holidays!!!! w

    we decorate for halloween more than fall.

    hugs, cindy

  3. I love everything you mentioned. The only thing I dread about Fall is allergy season. For some reason this time of year is a little torturous for me. I'm either drugged up on antihistamines or sneezing my head off.

    BTW I can't believe we have the same crush... I saw her first!!! HA;)

  4. I too love Autumn, and I have started already, and burning the candle that smells like Apple and spice, Oh I love that smell in the air. Lots of times I will make applesauce just to get that wonderful scent. I hope your Autumn is a very blessed one, Barbara

  5. Alright now...you can envy our summer because you did not have much of one to enjoy and I can envy your autumn because here in Phoenix we don't see that much at all....we go from summer to not so summer...our palm trees never change color and all we really need is a good aRm sweater to keep the chill away.

    And I'll have two slices of that pie you showed a photo of!!

    Have a lovely week!!


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