24 September 2010

Just to show you...

...my latest Christmas Cushion.

 I love how simple it is. It is funny how something so simple can represent so much.

After all...Christmas is BIG!!!


If you're interested in purchasing one then click here for my Etsy store.

As I love all of my bloggy readers please contact me for a little discount at : musingsofagem@hotmail.com

I'm so glad it is Friday!!!!

It's been quite a shock to the system working Monday - Friday..getting up every morning going to the same darn place.

I feel as if i'm slowly getting used to it though. I just think to myself..millions of people do this everyday..some ALL DAY EVERYDAY..7 days a week...I'm blessed to not have to do that.

Hopefully this weekend will be a constructive, slow and relaxing one. A loose plan on what I hope to do are:

* Give the Skirting boards in my bedroom a second coat (you should see the mess in my bedroom at the moment..it's driving me mad!)
* Fabric window shopping...I'm in need of some inspiration to start some new & exciting designs.
* Tester paint shopping for a new project...(always fun!!)
* A long stroll in a leafy park / woodland...
* Cosy up with Ian whilst watching X factor on Saturday night... : )

Thats what I 'plan' on doing anyway...it will probably be the complete opposite lol.

What are your plans?

I love you all and thank you so much for reading.I hope you have a great & restfull weekend...you deserve it after all!!!

Gemma x


  1. A very pretty cushion...you are thinking ahead!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Sounds like you have a fun weekend in store! I am going to my hubby's reunion and plan on enjoying the cooler fall weather that is predicted.

    P.S. Love the pillow! Isn't Christmas wonderful?! :)


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