8 September 2010

Settling in.

For those of you that don't know I just strarted my new job at a local pre-school!!

I've been dreading this transition of being out of work for a while to working 5 days a week...but to be honest it is REALLY NOT BAD! 

I get there at 8:30 am..the children arrive at 9 and leave at 1...and i'm usually out by 1:30...great stuff !! It's really convienient as it lets me get on with any cushion orders I have in the afternoon.

So far so good.

I think it will take me a while to know if working with children is something I want to do as a career. A few girls there have taken to me and follow me everywhere! It is sweet but as you can imagine it gets a little annoying after a few hour...am I mean for thinking that?

There is one particular woman there though who I haven't taken to..she seems to raise her voice for any apparent reason and generally seems rude to everyone...there is someone like that everywhere though isn't there?

My plan is to just ignore her as much as possible lol.


I got myself into a bit of an awkward situation earlier. After explaining my nut allergy to the staff, they asked lots of questions like....'What kind of biscuits can you have?'..or 'Do you only stick to English/ American restaurants then?' 

This one lady asked 'Do you make your own homebaked food then?...yes!' I answered. She then said ' I'm baking stuff tonight so I will bring something in for you tomorrow'.

A VERY sweet thought but I have to be REALLY  careful with what I have. I check all ingredients. I get extra paranoid when eating around others homes as I hate to be a nuisence and ask to see all packaging etc...but it's something that has to be done!   It is my life that is at risk after all.

So now my dilemma is what do I say when she arrives with food for me?! Help!!!! I'm going to say that I will eat it after my lunch when I go home but I don't want to seem rude....


 I've been busy making some Xmas goodies : )

I hope you like them : ) For some reason the material looks a little liney in pictures.

If you like the look of them then take a peek in my Etsy store.

If you want some of this cushion action then contact me for a little discount  : ) 

Anyway it's nearly 11pm...I'm now going to tuck into a big mug of tea and watch some TV with Mr Handsome!

Love you all : )

Gemma x 


  1. i think you will do very well....you love kids and they love you. as for the rude woman, mean people suck..don't let her engage. if she says something mean to you, just look at her like she has worms crawling out of her head and turn around and walk away!!!

    sounds like a perfect job for you, sweetie...

    hugs, cindy

  2. Hi Gemma. Sounds like a good start at the pre-school. Hopefully you can avoid any allergic reactions - I can imagine it would be difficult for you.
    Your cushion is a so cute.

  3. Wow, I am totally jealous of your work schedule!
    Your pillows are so lovely :)


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