22 September 2010

Signs of Autumn...

I look around and I'm seeing signs of Autumn everywhere...and I'm loving every minute of it!! All of our Autumn decorations have made their way out of the cupboards and are throughout the house. 

Some of the decor is shop bought, a lot of it from our last trip to America...

From Ikea

From Target

From Target (needs a tea light!!)

Candle stick from Target , Candle from a Garden Centre

And some of it is more natural...in other words mostly...FREE!! A word that many of us like : )


 You can really add a touch of Autumn/Winter to your home by salvaging a few bits from your garden or local park. Find some conkers and arrange them in a pretty shallow bowl with a few cinnamon sticks, your house will smell divine!! 

Find a few crunchy golden leaves to display here and there.

Search for a few mini pumpkins in your local supermarket (super cheap!)....they would look great lined up along your mantle piece or a side board : )

These are just a few key ideas to spruce up your home and make it feel a little more like Autumn/Fall. 

Leaf mat from Walmart

I hope ya'll share the same passion as I do..if not then you may think I am a little loopy..heehee!!

All these colours and smells just makes everything seem a little more cosy. 

Our heating is officially on now until the mercury decides to rise again at some point next year. The mornings are beginning to feel fresher and apple crisp...The sun is still shining high in the sky though which is always nice.

It is dark by 8pm here..the evenings are a little more bitter and you can begin to see your breath more and more clearly as the days are passing by. It's crazy to think in just a few weeks our cheeks will be rosy and coats 'n' boots will be an everyday necessity! 

I hope to discover new hearty recipes that will warm our tummies after long walks on crisp days....ahhh!! Any excuse to bake : )

Thank you for reading...love you all.

Gemma x


  1. What a pleasant and warming
    post, Gemma. I don't think
    you're loopy at all. I love
    autumn, too. It's my very
    favorite season. I wish that
    Christmas came in autumn then
    I'd really be happy. All your
    decorations look lovely. I
    got all of mine out yesterday
    and the house looks festive
    with all the hues of autumn.

  2. we are already decorating for halloween. don LOVES halloween and can't wait to get the decorations out every year. it is getting cooler here to although the last couple of days have been in the 80's.

    i love the white pumpkins and the chestnuts. pine cones always remind me of fall. your candle display looks like it smells good!!

    i'll post about halloween decorations soon.

    hugs... :)

  3. Lovely ideas. My garden is full of Michaelmas daisies and that's a real Autumn sign.


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