7 October 2010

Dried Apple Wreath

 Hi all : )

I've been on the prowl for a few Autumnal projects and came across this one at Cherry Menlove.com

It looks like something that could appear in a magazine and yet it is really easy. It also makes your home smell absolutely divine...a great bonus!

If you didn't read my previous post, you will know this project takes a little bit of prep work.

If you'd like to have a go at this project then you will need to: 

  • Buy around 20 medium sized apples.
  • Slice them not too thin..not too thick (about 3mm).
  • Bake them in the oven on the lowest possible heat for a few hours until they lose their moisture but remain bendy! (Check every half an hour).

I found it was easiest slicing the apples with a Bread knife.

You will also need: 

  • Wire - Cut into lengths of 60cm (you'll need about 5 lengths). 
  • Glue - You could use a glue gun or super glue
  • Ribbon -  I used the same colours and lengths that Cherry used as I think it looks fab! You could use whatever colours you choose : ) However you will need 3 lengths, one 50cm , one 70cm and one 35cm.

Start by twisting together your lengths of wire..to make one thicker wire. Then feed on your dried apple slices, leaving around 3cm of wire which can be twisted tightly to make it secure.

The apple slices should be nice and snug on the wire. Once they are then secure the ends of the wire by twisting them tightly.

 Then wrap your 50cm ribbon around the visible wire...secure with a glue gun!

You will be using the 35cm ribbon to hang your wreath up. You can do this by feeding one end of the ribbon through the middle of your wreath and tie the ends into a tight bow.

To add the finishing touch to your wreath, tie the last bit of ribbon (70cm) into a bow. Secure this onto the green ribbony bit (where you're hiding the wire) using the glue.


 Pretty colours..

 Very Rustic...

 Very Natural..


 Very Autumnal..

 I love projects like these. Ones that can be done in stages or can be done straight away (apart from waiting for the apples to dry out!!). 

It is super cheap and yet looks like it could feature in a magazine.

Thank you for reading & I would love to read any comments you have 

: )

Gemma x



  1. Off to raid the fridge for apples--cottonreel

  2. normally these sort of projects I find intimidating as they look beyond my skills. However, after reading this I think I will have a go. Thank you so much, yours looks fab x

  3. it looks like it smells awesome. mine wouldn't last too long because i'd probably nibble at it... ;D


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