8 October 2010

Friday afternoons.

Once the clock hits 1:15pm on a Friday (very early I know!), I am racing to get out of the door at work and start heading to that beautiful place called home.

When work is over and done with you feel yukky anyway, but imagine what it's like having sticky fingers pulling at you all day...ergh! After a quick rest and a large glass of water the first thing I do is have a yummy hot shower...AAAH! 

Rinse those weekday blues away : )

I change back to MY black leather handbag...The one that is ME.....MY style.....NOT that boring (yet very practical I must add) 'work' bag I use all week.

I put on my favourite necklace...The one I have been longing to wear all week but daren't wear it to work as there is a high risk of a little one yanking at it!

I wear comfy clothes as I know it is COLD out there and all I want to be is COSY...plus I have nowhere I have to really 'be' from now till tomorrow...out come the UGGS and leggings.

I treat my nails to a pretty colour and know it will remain there for the next few days.... Nail varnish in the week just wouldn't last...!!

I look forward to the simple, colourful, heart warming dinner I will be making for my family tonight... fajitas!! YUMMY!!

I smile cos I know it's my grandads birthday this weekend and I've got him a little something which he will love!

Hello weekend...Hello me!

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  1. hi gemma, wear your necklace to school, just wear it backward so the gems go down your back. at least then you will have ian close to your heart......

    your purse is really cool.....i have dorky purses because i can never find anything like that.....



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