30 November 2010

Christmas is OFFICIALLY on its way when....

...You see THIS advert...

This advert has been on for donkeys years but it always gets me jumping up and down with excitement around this time of year...i'm like a big child heehee!!

Can't believe it's the last day of NOVEMBER...EEK! It's time to knuckle down and get really christmassy!!!! I'm aiming to try and do something christmassy everyday. Just simple things like writing out some Christmas cards whilst sipping on a little Baileys. Making a Yule log on a Friday evening and singing some Christmas songs at the top of my voice. Snuggling up in a cosy candle lit room.

We've had snow here and it looks ever so pretty on the first day. It really gets me in the spirit but sometimes it causes havoc on the second day and so on. It all turns to slush and ice..not good!

What are you doing to get you and your family into the spirit of Christmas? 

Gemma xXx

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