1 November 2010

Halloween & Signs of Christmas..

Halloween has come and gone...Hope you had a good one by the way!

We carved Pumpkins at the weekend...

We ate lots of chocolate...maybe a bit too much!!

 We drank hot, steamy and creamy HOT CHOCOLATE with Marshmallows....I love it!!!

It's getting darker earlier now...it takes some getting used to. I get so sleepy once it's dark (unless we are out) so as you can imagine i'm struggling!

Snuggling up with a good festive magazine..it HAS to be done!

...the ULTIMATE sign...

' Holidays are coming...Holidays are coming!!!'

It is Bonfire Night on Friday here in the UK. It will involve more eating..more drinking hot chocolate..toasting marshmallows...more snuggling...more bonfires...lots of fireworks and LOTS of keeping cosy!


I.... love... it!


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Thank you : )

Love Gemma x


  1. I always start to feel festive after Halloween, although I love Christmas anytime! That hot chocolate looked scrummy, yum, Clare x

  2. we dont celebrate Bonfire night in France....and trying to explain the origins is almost impossible!

  3. I am so happy that Christmas is coming! This is the first year I have been blogging for Christmas so I can't wait to see all the great decorating ideas!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :)


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