19 November 2010

Natural Calico

This is the colour! It's very similar to 'Chalk Stone'.

I painted my whole ceiling yesterday - all by myself! I'm so proud.
To some this may seem silly...however I feel like i accomplished something. I began using a long roller and within minutes I knew it was going to be a nightmare. My arms ached..I was covered in small specks of white and it was on the floor already...not good!

I felt sorry for myself for a few mintues but powered through it!

I put on my ipod...turned up the volume and sung at the top of my voice...it turned out to be a great workout for my vocal cords and my body!

Tomorrow Ian is helping me with the second coat of the ceiling whilst I get on with the walls...

Wish us luck...I suspect it's going to be a long day : )

Gemma x

1 comment:

  1. Painting ceilings is not easy! Bonne chance et courage.


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