6 December 2010

A Little Christmas Tradition

One of the things I really look forward to doing every December is circling EVERYTHING I'm 'planning' on watching over the Christmas holiday. I say 'planning' because I always end up circling a little too much - and miss most of it on the day!

I grab a pen, make a cup of something warm and indulge in this little tradition. We've bought a few different TV magazines over the years but this one is my favourite! That might be because of the big picture quiz they do every year (a scene of different clues that represent different tv shows - harder than it sounds!!!)


Do you do anything similar to this...and not end up watching half of what you circled?!

Happy Monday & I hope you have a great week : )

Merry Christmas !

Gemma x


  1. As long as I can watch The Snowman I'm happy!

  2. I do exactly the same thing every year :D Never watch half the things I circle but it's still fun to do and make me all excited about christmas!

    Take Care
    Hayley x

  3. I used to do this but with a small person now the planning all goes out the window in the end! LOL!

  4. our local family channel features "the 25 days of christmas" shows every night through the month of december. everything from movies to cartoons but all with a christmas theme. we try to watch every night to get into the christmas spirit. we love this tradition.

    p.s. i love how brits say happy christmas instead of merry christmas. i think its charming!!!

    hugs, cindy


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