1 December 2010

Make your own Christmas Wreath

We are in the minus numbers here in London, it is snowy, icy and windy. FREEZING COLD! It is the kind of weather everyone 'expects' in December...Winter Wonderlands and all...

I just want to hibernate..or snuggle up like a cat...The life of a cat ey!

Instead I will settle for my scarf. Anything knitted is welcome at this time of year!

So as I said yesterday, I really want to try and do something Christmassy during the build up to Christmas.

One of them being making this Wreath...

I went to Hobby Craft and picked up a few bits. The great thing about this is it will last you years. You could always remove bits and revamp it each year.

We poked through the 'berries' and twisted them at the back..

I glue gunned the Cinnamon sticks in stacks of three. Then tied a ribbon around each stack.

I then poked wire underneath and through the ribbon.

And tied a small knot on the back of the wreath.

Not bad right? We didn't use the red bows..they seemed a bit too bright compared to the berries. It only cost around £7 for the lot so we are really pleased with it! I might add a bit of Holly to it to 'finish it off' but until I get my hands on some it will have to do!

 Next up is the rest of the decorations...EEK I'm so excited!!!

I hope you all are having a safe and happy day. I'm off to see Harry Potter tonight so kind of excited to see it (especially after reading all the books and forgetting most of it!!)

Gemma xXx


  1. How nice to make your own wreath, it looks very professional indeed.

  2. Wow, that looks stunning, it is on my to do list every year to make a wreath, maybe this is the year!?

  3. how did you like harry potter? we are harry potter freaks at our house and have all of the movies on dvd. we watch them all of the time and have read all of the books too!! i loved #7 part 1 and cant wait until part 2 next summer!!!

    hugs, cindy

  4. Very pretty wreath! You did a beautiful job.


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