15 December 2010

Winter Break Re-cap

So we all had a little winter break..it was needed!

We went to Center Parcs in Elveden Forest...it was as nice as it sounds. Ian & I stayed in the hotel and the rest of my family stayed in a villa.

Center Parcs is a place where you can do as little or as much as you want. You can stay in your Villa and warm your tootsies by the fire, you can take long forest walks, you can wine and dine. You can play golf, indoor/outdoor sports, adventure activities, swim, cycle and shop till you drop...it's a lovely place to be!

It was really foggy on the first day..REALLY foggy. When we arrived it was beautiful...lights all over trees...a winter wonderland!

Anyway take a look at some of my snaps..some of them are so picturesque! 

Above is the huge lake in the Forest...which is FROZEN. As you can imagine it was one cold break.

This is the view from the back door...

There were lots of wildlife out the back..birds..rabbits..we even spotted a deer!

On the second day the sky was much clearer. There was still a heavy frost. The trees looked sooo beautiful!!

The cobwebs looked crazy thick because of the frost .

 The best seat in the Villa was next to this bad boy...

We used a camera phone so the quality of the pictures don't justify its beauty!


On one of the days we left the complex and walked to a farm shop...it was so beautiful and everything looked/smelt soo yummy. It left me feeling all christmassy inside : )


 I think this was a water feature that froze...and then someone came along and smashed the ice surrounding the ball.

This sign is so simple but so true!

So that's where I disappeared to last week...I would really recommend it to anyone in the UK (especially if you want to escape city life for a while) !!

Thanks for taking a look : )

Gemma xXxXx

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  1. wow, gemma.....what a fairyland. even though it was cold, it looks beautiful. we had cold weather monday through today, no school monday and tuesday so austen was very happy. don and i didn't go to work either on monday because of the blowing snow and ice.

    i hope your break was restful and you are energized for christmas....

    hugs, cindy


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