13 February 2010

Last Minute Valentines

Here are a few quick and easy ideas to help those of you who tend to leave things till the last minute. These ideas are very simple yet romantic...No one would ever suspect the lateness of the thought!

Firstly, put some water in a pan and place a glass bowl over the top of it with broken pieces of your choice of chocolate. We used Galaxy and Milky Bar chocolate. Let the water simmer gently whilst you stir the chocolate occasionally.

Whilst the chocolate is melting, wash and chop your choice of fruit so that they are a decent size. We used strawberry's and grapes.

Once the chocolate has melted, use small skewers to hold the fruit whilst you drizzle or dip your chocolate.

Place the fruit onto a baking tray and let the chocolate cool down for 5 minutes before placing it into the fridge. It should take around 2-3 hours to let the chocolate set properly. However, leave it in the fridge until ready to serve as it can melt quite quickly. Don't forget to lick out that bowl :) ... you know you'd be temped!

Another use for the melted chocolate is to make your own heart shaped chocolate treats! You can find many different types of molds in your local baking store or online. We used both milk and white chocolate in our heart molds.

These will also take 2-3 hours to set properly.

All you need to do is arrange the chocolate dipped fruit and chocolate treats to make it look its best! Light a few candles..put on some relaxing music and the rest is up to you...Happy Valentines Day :)
Gemma X

9 February 2010

My first post

Hi there!

I'm completely new to blogging so it may take me a while to get going but I'm so excited for it! I love reading so many blogs out there. My favourites are ones that inspire me to do more and to try new things. My aim with this blog is to inspire and share my loves for all things homemade!

I hope you enjoy my future posts...

Gemma X


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